Goldie Powell, Cyber Creationz, CEO

Goldie Powell is a Warrior Woman that is excelling in a field where women are the minority but she stepped right into the challenge and she is killing it!! Not only did she build a career, but she also developed her own business, Cyber Creationz.

Ms. Powell was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri and she is a proud graduate of Langston University.

Please provide a brief description of your profession, specialization, or business services that you offer:

“Cyber Creationz is a technical agency for all growing businesses. We provide a host of services and tools to assist with the development of your business. Such as websites, logos, business cards, e-commerce sites, etc.”

What inspired you to enter this profession and how did you know it was your purpose in life?

“I was inspired to create this business originally to provide adolescents with an internship for their resume and to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs that look like me. The tech world has a strong stereotype of being male-dominated, so I wanted to create a space for women so that they didn’t feel inferior to enter the business of entrepreneurship or the world of tech.”

What challenges did you face during your journey to success and how did you overcome them?

“Challenges that I faced developing Cyber Creationz started with doubt. Not trusting God that He would put me in all the rooms I needed to step foot in and that he would put my business name in the right conversation topics. Other then that, the process has been a growing experience. Growing through uncomfortable situations, working countless hours, heighten stress levels and maintaining the business in all seasons.”

What advice would you give to Black Women who are pursuing this profession? 

“Always believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible. Live your purpose and go out and prosper in the world. Never allow anyone to put you in a box, and to practice self-love daily.”

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